Smart2Pay Cheers for Bridge Champion

Sunday, 8 May 2016
Join us in our journey!

Smart2PayTM, the company with the world's largest coverage of online alternative payment solutions and supporter of the Romanian Bridge team, is thrilled to announce that his team member Stefan Iancu is the winner of the 25th edition of the "Emil Alexandrescu" Bridge Festival.

The event brought together the most strongest and enthusiastic bridge players in Romania, that had to compete in a three-days tournament, that took place at Hotel Moldova in Iasi, from 6 - 8 May. The tournament turned out to be a great success for all of the pairs that competed. The atmosphere was intense as all the teams were in it for the win.

Stefan Iancu, CTO of Smart2PayTM: Bridge is a great game where one can perfect his card playing technique as well as his skills for teamwork, risk management, visual memory, attention to details and acting under pressure. For me all these go hand in hand with my role in Smart2PayTM and my dream to reach perfection in both worlds. This result motivates me in remaining focused and hungry to continue this journey.

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