Smart2Pay member accepts challenge for Mount Kilimanjaro summit hike

Tuesday, 25 September 2018
Join us in our journey!

Smart2PayTM, the company with the world's largest coverage of online alternative payment solutions, is thrilled to present the successful journey of our team member, Madalina Bejinariu, towards the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa.

Mount Kilimanjaro (5895 m) is part of the Kilimanjaro National Park and is a major tourist destination, especially for climbing passionates. The mountain, a giant dormant stratovolcano, has been the subject of many scientific studies because of its shrinking glaciers and disappearing ice fields.

Our brave team member, Madalina, accepted the fascinating challenge to scale Mount Kilimanjaro and successfully reached Uhuru Peak, the highest point in Africa on Saturday, 22 September at 10:00 AM. Smart2PayTM flag unfurled once again on the summit of an another famous mountain, this time on a different continent.

Smart2Pay flag on Kilimanjaro

Smart2PayTM flag on Mount Kilimanjaro

It was a challenge that cannot be described, but it's definitely something worth doing, at least once in your lifetime. It's hard to climb at high altitude but if you train accordingly you can do it. It was very motivating and rewarding to see the beautiful and spectacular environment around me, all the way from wild life to the typical landscape., said Madalina Bejinariu.

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