Smart2pay Releases .NET SDK

Monday, 4 June 2018
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Smart2PayTM, the company with the world's largest coverage of online alternative payment solutions, is pleased to announce that it has released it's Smart2PayTM SDK .NET platform.

Merchants having .NET as their developer platform of choice will be able to integrate with Smart2PayTM payment platform using SDK .NET, the official Smart2PayTM library, supporting .NET Standard 1.3+, .NET Core 1.1+, and .NET Framework 4.6.1+. Older versions can be supported upon request. Installing and using Smart2PayTM SDK .NET is designed to be simple, giving you an end-to-end view of the platform's performance.

For more information, please visit our documentation section: Smart2Pay SDK .NET.

Stefan Iancu, CTO of Smart2PayTM: We are proud of the launch of our Smart2PayTM .NET SDK that allows Merchants having .NET or .NET Core as their development platform of choice to quickly integrate global payments in their websites. We are always in a quest for improving our services and our technology. The SDK offers state of the art architectural patterns and properties such as Circuit breaker, Delegating Handlers, Idempotency and Retry logic, all being available as a configuration with basically no coding. With our SDK greatly reducing the integration effort while keeping a high performance and security standard, your development team can focus more on your core business logic.

About .NET

.NET is a free, cross-platform, open source developer platform for building many different types of applications.

With .NET, you can use multiple languages, editors, and libraries to build for web, mobile, desktop, gaming, and IoT.

About Smart2PayTM

Smart2PayTM offers a single API for all payment services to international Merchants, covering credit card and local payment options throughout the world! By using Smart2PayTM, you will be offering the preferred local method of payment to your global Customers, thus significantly boosting your sales!