Friday, 25 March 2011
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Smart2PayTM, the company with the world's largest coverage of online alternative payment solutions, has received a license from the Dutch Central Bank as Payment Institution. This license derived from the EU Payment Service Directive confirms that Smart2PayTM operates in conformance with all applicable laws and regulations as an international Payment Service Provider.

Smart2PayTM was founded in 2002, and has since been building its operational and payment network offering. It has done so in a very stable and successful way and as a result the product offering, worldwide coverage and service are unique to Merchants in the world of ecommerce and payments. Large international Merchants see their revenue increase if they partner with Smart2PayTM, combined with less work at their own end.

We are very pleased to receive the license as Payment Institution. We know for years from our Merchants that we operate a very controlled and effective organization, but it is always nice to receive the confirmation from the Dutch Central Bank that this is the case, declared James Flinterman of Smart2PayTM.

About Smart2PayTM

Smart2PayTM is offering local payment services to international merchants since 2002, covering more than 60 countries worldwide! By adding local payment methods to your ecommerce site, you will boost your sales significantly, by offering the preferred local method of payment to your customers!