Monday, 30 January 2012
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Smart2PayTM, the company with the world's largest coverage of online alternative payment solutions, invests in state of art hardware to provide its business partners with the best infrastructure with respect to system availability, scalability and security.

Smart2PayTM has successfully renewed and increased its server park for its Live Environment.

The upgrade of the Test Environment is planned for March 2012.

Stefan Iancu, Head of IT and Product Smart2PayTM: We are delighted with the successful renewal and increase of our server park, and the subsequent increase in processing power and capacity. Furthermore, this simply reinforces Smart2PayTM’s strong commitment and focus on expanding its business on a continuous basis, throughout the globe.

About Smart2PayTM

Smart2PayTM is offering local payment services to international merchants since 2002, covering more than 70 countries worldwide! By adding local payment methods to your ecommerce site, you will boost your sales significantly, by offering the preferred local method of payment to your customers!